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How finding a solution to her son's reading problem
changed her career and her life



In her own words...

I have been fortunate to have 4 amazing children, but parenting is not always easy. I know what it means to be there for your child when it looks like the deck is stacked against them. One of my sons is bright and social but in grade 3 he could only read at an SK level. I didn't understand it. I knew he had so much potential. His teacher was great and suggested getting him tested, because she could see all the signs that he had a cognitive challenge with reading. He was smart and a good student, so something else was happening. She said "If you wait another year to get him tested his reading won't be the only thing he is dealing with. His confidence will be gone." I took her words to heart. We found a psychologist and personally funded a psycho-educational evaluation to get to the root of his challenge. He tested, and we waited for answers.


He was diagnosed with dyslexia. It led to a wave of confusion. On one hand I was happy to know what we were up against. But on the other hand I felt like this was a life sentence, keeping my son outside of all the opportunities I had dreamed for him. My husband and I were determined to find him support. For a full year our eight year old spent his Saturdays going to learning programs that ranged from phonetic approaches to computer training. One Saturday on the car ride home, after seeing how much work all of us were putting into this without success, he said "Mom, let's just give up. I'll just use an e-reader for the rest of my life." The tears in his eyes brought tears to mine. I said, "No, we're going to find something that works". It took time but we found the Davis Method. And when he went from struggling to being top of his class I knew we had come across something special. I decided to change my life and bring my decades of experience as an entrepreneur into a business that has now given me 15+ years of joy and satisfaction helping children and adults overcome their learning challenges.


The outcomes are palpable. It's seeing your child smile as they read a book on the couch, without being asked. Or when they bring home their report card, proudly. It likely will not seem real to you now. But I have seen it so many times, with the hardworking and intelligent clients I have worked with, and with my own children. I know it is possible. To take an intelligent, creative person who happens to have challenges with reading and help them to become successful and realize their full potential! My son, after finishing high school, was accepted into a top business program. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, with Honors and Distinction. He is thriving in his career and continues to move forward in management roles. This program changed my family and I dedicate my days to changing yours.

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