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Client Success Stories

"The thought of completing high school before the program was almost inconceivable but after a month or two at Learning Ability we started talking about what college she will be attending. We will be sending our youngest this year for the same program."

- Richard and Deb Pope, Newmarket

"We witnessed a miracle today. It was something we never thought possible, something most parents take for granted.  We watched our daughter in the playground reading a book, not because she had to, but because she wanted to.  She has had a reading tutor for about 5 years. We could not figure out why there was little or no improvement given the fact that she was so bright. With the help and guidance from Learning Ability and especially Maureen, our little girl now has the skills and confidence to read.  As an added bonus her writing skills have also improved.  But most of all our daughter now has HOPE!"

- Norma & Steve W.

"I want to commend Maureen for her work and dedication that she showed me as a student at Learning Ability over the past summer season. As a fifty year old mother, who was about to enter University for the first time, there was anxiety which had built up over the years. I was quite certain that I had some form of learning disability, and definitely had trouble concentrating, compounded by years in a school system which did not recognize, or address, issues of learning disabilities. Through Learning Ability, I gained the confidence and the ‘ability’ that I needed to go on to succeed in my classes at York University, on earn my Bachelor of Arts degree! The course itself is intensive and enjoyable, and what makes Learning Ability a success is Maureen herself - with her enthusiasm, skills and genuine love of people and learning."

- Kathy Jetten, Newmarket

" James is taking control of his behavior and working on “dialing down” in order to focus and behave correctly in different environments. This puts the control with him, versus medication and the associated negative effects – the control is now with James and this is an empowering technique. The core messages from this program are very positive. We have also seen some major leaps with reading and his ability to read different media – from signs to books. The Learning Ability program provides the methods and techniques that will be utilized by James throughout his life to support him in developing and learning."

- J&L Owens, Queensville

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